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February 24, 2022

"LET ME TELL A STORY about How to Talk to Your Crush".  It was a few years back when I completed +2, I was that kind of person who didn't use to communicate. I used to be small in height and used to wear glasses but fortunately, I came to Kathmandu (a city of opportunity for me). I was here because someone in my 12th grade mentioned CSIT. Telling the truth I didn't even know what was in the course but It was in my subconscious mind that I have to study CSIT. I stayed with one of my relatives. He had a computer institute at that time which was a turning moment. From there he taught me everything, I was a normal person with dedication in whatever I do. He transformed me into an Entrepreneurial person. Then I had a plan to open a company whose vision was supposed to remove the problems that his institute had from then 101INFOTECH came into existence. I was alone for a few years working on myself, some freelancing, and planning for the future. I was studying BSc.CSIT. I met different types of people but very few had a vision and future plan for something big. One day one of my friend brought me a project on website development so I and him together gathered a team. I trained/helped them and we together completed that project. And this was the point where the 101 INFOTECH team was formed. I had a simple vision that I wanted to change how IT Companies worked ( Got a client, Completed the project, took the money, the client doesn't exist and there were very few innovative products in the market). I wanted to support a client for life long and help the public with innovative products. (And oh hi! , Sorry but I still don't know how to talk to crush). Okay okay, that's enough from me I will let the content writer write.

 A company with young team members with the motto “We Hear - We Make IT Happen” was started on July 11, 2021. We have been working in different fields of IT i.e. App Development, Website Development, Digital Marketing, and Graphics Development since the start of the company. With a team of young members and as a start-up company this journey has been full of new experiences and growth throughout the path. In this long run, we have done various projects and furthermore, projects are on the way.

"Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It’s what the client or customer gets out of it.”

We are the team that you have been searching for. We are a Web Development and Application Development team based in Nepal. We provide a complete Web and App solution by providing you the essential services including branding, graphic design, UX/UI design, web development, content management, social media integration, search engine optimization, and digital marketing. Ideas Matters with 101 Infotech. We hear your business needs and we make IT happen. We believe in weaving technology into the fabric of your business, so it works for you. 

"We Hear We Make IT Happen"

हामी सुन्छौं हामी  IT बनाउँछौं

Ideas Matters with 101 Infotech. We hear your business needs and we make IT happen.  We believe in weaving technology into the fabric of your business, so it works for you. At 101 Infotech, we transform our client's vision into a digital reality, giving them the tools they need to grow their business.  Our Process is what makes us unique!  We are passionate about our process and know where we stand when it comes to designing and development.

 101 INFOTECH is a full-service web design and development team with a team of experienced designers, developers, and digital strategists.

  •  Nothing Falls Short We Make IT Happen
  •  We bring simplicity to your dreams
  •  An Agency Experience You Deserve.
  •  Get noticed online
  •  Make Your Brand Stand Out
  •  Bold Thinking. Bold Solutions.
  •  Creating Digital Experiences From Start to Finish
  •  We Stand Apart from the Competition.

 101 Infotech, as a Company and a team, We believe we have managed to separate ourselves from the competition for three reasons:

  • optimal use of technology.
  • passion for our work.
  • client satisfaction.
  • vision for innovation. 

We go the extra mile to find solutions for your business challenges and execute them with a holistic customer engagement model. We are always working on ways to provide suitable solutions and produce valuable solutions that help drive growth in your business. Give us a chance today and we will make you experience a smarter outsourcing partner who provides high-quality solutions in every step of our service.

If you have an idea that you want to see come to fruition, we can deliver. No gimmicks, no smoke, and mirrors. Just solid, straightforward work done in a timely fashion at affordable pricing. And oh yeah--we do all of this from a country that most people don't even know exists.

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You can connect to us through our:

Email: help@101infotech.com.np

Website: https://101infotech.com.np

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/101infotech.web


Twitter: https://twitter.com/101infotech

GitHub: https://github.com/101INFOTECH